About Us

Paul and Joel The law practice originated in the home of the late Francis J. Cranston and was located there for 16 years. In 1972 the office was moved to its current location at 26 Valley Road in the Quabbin Office Building. Francis was an attorney for over 45 years and was the Moderator in Barre from 1979 through 1996. He was Chairman and a member of the Finance Committee, Trustee of Barre Savings Bank, and on various municipal committees.

Paul M. Cranston has been an Attorney since 1987, elected as Barre's Town Moderator since 1996, a Corporator of Barre Savings Bank since 1995, and has served as Town Counsel for the Town of Rutland for over twenty years. In addition, he serves on the Boards of Barre Little League, Quabbin Area Little League, and is Chairman of the Barre Common Oversight Committee. Paul is also an active member of the Worcester County Bar Association having served several terms on its' executive committee.

Joel S. Cranston recently obtained his juris doctor degree from Massachusetts School of Law and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2011. He worked as a paralegal at Cranston & Cranston, P.C. while working towards becoming a lawyer. Joel is a member of the Worcester County Bar Association and is active with other local organizations.